mid June through mid July


mid July through mid August


July-early August


These harvest times are approximate. Call us at 802-453-3793

(our message will list current availability),

or check our Facebook or Instagram pages to see

current updates on picking conditions

Pick-Your-Own Guidelines

Please enjoy yourself while coming to pick berries and help

us out by being safe and respectful!

  • Please be kind to our fields. Do not step on, throw or otherwise damage berries or plants. A lot of hard work goes in to making a berry!

  • Once you begin picking in a row, we ask that you remain in that row. 

  • Please try your best to pick the plants clean of all ripe berries. This allows us to keep our fields clean, prevents pest issues and maintains plentiful picking.  ​

  • Please park in designated areas and pay attention to farm signage.

  • Most of our berry picking fields are accessible by car, but not all. Call ahead for updated information on picking locations.

  • Come prepared to protect yourself from the weather and stay hydrated! 

  • Garbage, recycling, and compost bins are located at the farm stand— please use them, respect the farm.

  • Enjoy the day!

We have staff throughout the farm, 

if you have any questions, just give a holler!


Each season our fields open for Pick Your Own strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. We encourage people of all ages to come experience the unparalleled flavor of a fully ripe, just-picked berry!



We are open for picking daily 9-5 

Check this page, social media or call for u-pick updates:

802-453-3793 (our message will list availability).