Growing Practices at Full Belly Farm


Our  mission has always been to increase the health and fertility of our soil through regular cover cropping, wide rotations, and additions of compost and manure. We aim to disturb the soil and wider farm ecosystem as little as possible while we do the work of growing food for our community. While we do use production techniques and materials used in organic agriculture, our produce is not certified. We are fortunate to have a large land base for wide crop rotations, which helps to reduce pest and disease problems over time. 


We make every effort to prevent pests and disease in the first place through the lens of Integrative Pest Management (IPM), which includes wide crop rotations, pest exclusion through the use of row covers and netting, and frequent scouting of crops to quantify pest levels, with chemical intervention employed as a last resort when the crop could be lost. The result is that most of our produce is grown without any chemical intervention needed. If we do find that more action is necessary, we opt for an organic-approved product. In the case that additional intervention is needed to save the crop, we opt for non-organic controls, selecting the safest available. 

Our bedding plants and perennial flowers are grown using only organic approved soil mix and fertility sources.


If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to discuss our growing practices with you.